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What is the difference between a "Full Set" and a "Partial Set" of eyelash extensions? A Full Set of eyelash extensions is where we place an extension on to each individual natural lash of the client. It gives a very full look, and the length and curl is customized to the client's desired look. A Partial Set is where we place a lash extension on half of the natural lashes. It gives a more natural/less-full look, and length/curl is still completely customized to the client.


What if I purchase a partial set and decide I want a full set? If you start with a partial set, you can easily transition into a full set by scheduling a "fill" sooner. This will get your lashes looking fuller, without wasting your first investment. 

How often do you need to get eyelash extensions filled? Eyelash extensions last through a full growth cycle of your natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. That said, because each person’s lash growth is somewhat variable (based on their hair growth), we suggest getting fills every 2-3 weeks to maintain a full look. 


Will eyelash extensions damage my own lashes? No, not when applied CORRECTLY. When an inexperienced professional applies eyelash extensions, he or she often applies one synthetic lash to three or four natural lashes, causing clumps or the lash to break and fall out. In addition, your lashes might fall out if you pick at them or try to pull them out yourself, which is a big no-no. If you avoid these two problems, your lashes should stay intact and free of damage.


Can you shower or swim right away? Are there products you should absolutely avoid? Keep water away from your lashes for the first 12-24 hours after application. Water can weaken the adhesive before it has set and can cause lashes to fall off. The after-care varies, depending on the adhesive used. For instance, with glue for sensitive eyes, oil-based products or makeup removers around the eye area are not recommended. Using water-proof mascara on the extensions is NOT recommended for ANY type of glue, as it is hard to remove and can actually pull off the lashes prematurely when trying to take it off.

Is it okay to wear regular mascara? (That is not waterproof?) If you are planning to wear mascara in addition to the extensions, only use mascara that is made for extensions. Apply the mascara on the tips of the extensions and with a very light hand. This will be enough to give your eyes that “pop” along with the extensions. Using regular mascara will give your extensions a very clumpy look, and the oils in the mascara can break down the adhesive. If you feel the need to add mascara to the tips, make sure to rinse it off or clean your lashes with a gentle oil-free cleanser as soon as you can. *Especially before you come in for a fill! The cleaner your eyelash extensions are, the more time we have to add more beautiful lashes!


Will your natural lashes get harmed or damaged? Again, they will not. The biggest myth is that lash extensions ruin your own lashes. If applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions as this can cause lash loss and may even damage your natural lashes.


Can you lash bottom lashes? Yes, however bottom eyelash extensions are primarily used for special occasions, such as fashion events, photo shoots, etc. We most often recommend using mascara for your bottom lashes, or even getting them tinted!


What questions should you ask when searching for a reputable salon or professional? Because of the sensitive nature of the lashes and the surrounding area, finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes is definitely a MUST. Professionals use professional products and have been properly trained to apply the lashes without damaging your natural lashes or more importantly, your eyes.

Just like you would with a hairstylist, research who you want to go to and how long they have been working as a technician. Look at before-and-after photos, read reviews and always make sure they are licensed and lash-certified!


How long have your lash technicians been “lashing”? Each of our lash technicians have been lashing for at least one year. They have received the same training, have completed a private apprenticeship, and attend further education training semi-annually.


How do I know what style of lashes to get? Our lash technicians will completely customize your lashes. Whether you’re looking for a natural or glamorous set of lashes, we will find the right “look” for you! Want to change up your look for a special event, or change things up for good? Not a problem. During your fills we can always adjust your look as desired. You never have to start from scratch.


How can I make an appointment? We take appointments through our online scheduling system, which can be accessed from the "BOOK" tab on our homepage. Having trouble making an appointment? You can also give us a call to help assist you through the online booking process. 

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